What is Lucid Point?

I am Charles Baakel, founder of Three Pound, and this is the home of my blog. This blog will include musings, insights, and opinion on topics ranging from minute aspects of cell phone hacking to geopolitics. A post or two on metaphysics may sneak in as well.

Why are you publicly blogging?

Some things are better off not said. So the rest should be blogged.

Why should I care what you have to say?

Valid question. Only time will answer that.

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Note: I reserve the right to change my thoughts and opinions shared in these posts, regardless of the level of passion displayed. Information is still a finite resource, and as I acquire more I am more than willing to allow new information to change my perspective. I wish more people were the same. Even in the Matrix they only loaded in information on an as needed basis, knowing everything appears to be beyond the scope of even the fictional human brain.